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Tim and Lenny can't stand each other. They loathe each other, hate the sight of each other. We all have great respect for Leo; respect mingled with fear.

Sammy frightens everyone. Even Tim and Lenny keep out of his way, and Leo admits to being slightly afraid of him. The chickens are terrified of him and the rabbits are petrified; they nearly have a heart attack if you just go up behind them and hiss.

Clarence always seems to have a chip on his shoulder - as if he has a grudge against the whole animal kingdom. The others ignore him. Everyone looks up to George.

Zoe and Pat are very close. They seem to enjoy each other's company and get on very well together. I suppose they have a lot in common, same taste in clothes etc. Penny, who has a love-hate relationship with Pat, is getting jealous, though.

Percy makes everyone feel a bit uneasy; none of us can really relax in his company. We all remember past pricks and so are wary of him.

Nobody trusts Charlie; they say you never know what he's thinking. Dear Henry is amused by everything and everybody. Everyone keeps their distance from Ronny. Everyone admires hardworking Sarah. She impressed us all last autumn particularly.

Oswald is very badly treated. Everyone looks down on him; even wise old Orville regards him with contempt. The poor chap, he's developed quite an inferiority complex, just because he can't fly.

There's general sympathy for Harry. I'm not sure whether we pity him for his ugliness or feel sorry for him having to carry all that weight around.

We're all very fond of Donna, but she seems quite indifferent to us. (I get the feeling that she's only in love with herself, just sitting around all day singing protest songs about Love and Peace and things.) It's difficult to get through to her.

To a man, we're all bored stiff by, fed up with and sick to death of Polly, who goes on all day about nothing in particular. We resent Bruin's and Bunny's popularity with children; then – dressing up in people's clothes is definitely frowned on.