Друкувати цей розділДрукувати цей розділ



During the winter months, with all the snow and cold, you probably notice the icicles that often form on houses, cars, and trees. Bet you didn’t think of them having a spiritual lesson embedded in them did you?

Have you ever stopped to consider how they are formed? Have you noticed that the dripping water froze, one drop at a time, until over a period of days, the icicle was a foot long or more. If the water is clean, the icicle remains clear and sparkles brightly in the sunlight; but if the water is ever so slightly muddy, that icicle will be cloudy. The beauty and brilliance will be spoiled. Each decision that we make, both great and small, contributes its part.

Our character is formed in like manner. Each thought, every feeling, and all of our actions influence the whole, bit by bit. Each decision that we make, both great and small, contributes its part. Everything we take into our minds and souls — the impressions, experiences, and words we absorb and use — all of these work together to create our character.

We should be aware of the “droplets of influence” we allow to slowly build our lives. After all, Solomon said, “The integrity of the upright shall guide them.” When the Sun shines on your life — are you clear and clean, or has your character become cloudy? What droplets of influence are you putting into your character?

(Heartlight, Brent Nidiffer and Jamie Shell, 05/12/2001)