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Теми: мода, стиль.

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Надруковано: Гість
Дата: Friday 21 January 2022 11:13 AM



Spring, summer, autumn, winter every season there are new clothes and new fashions in the shops. Colours and styles keep changing. One season black is the “in” colour, but the next season everyone is wearing orange or pink or grey. One season tight – fitting clothes are fashionable, and the next season baggy clothes are “in”.

The length of women’s skirts goes up and down from year to year. In the 1960s mini skirts became very fashionable and a woman could wear a shirt twenty or thirty centimetres above the knee. A few years later, maxi skirts became trendy and then you had to wear skirts twenty or thirty centimetres below the knee. Each season there is always a “correct” length and if your skirt is just a little too long or too short some people will think that you are very unfashionable.

Men have similar problems with their shirts. Some years it is fashionable to wear very small collars. Another year small collars become out – dated and large button – down collars are trendy. Sometimes it even becomes fashionable to wear shirts with no collars at all. A shirt that you once thought was very trendy can look strangely old – fashioned a few years later. And your father’s shirts, which you always thought were very conservative and traditional, can suddenly seem very stylish.

Keeping up with the fashions can be very expensive. So one way to save money is never to throw your old clothes out. If you wait long enough, the clothes that are out of fashion today will be back in fashion tomorrow. Yesterday’s clothes are tomorrow’s new fashions.