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Теми: спротивний туризм, Велика Британія, велоспорт.

Сайт: Підготовка до ЗНО - Освітній портал "Академія"
Курс: Підготовка до ЗНО з англійської мови
Надруковано: Гість
Дата: Wednesday 7 June 2023 12:06 PM


Chris Boardman, Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist and British Cycling's policy adviser, offers some words of wisdom and reasons to get pedalling.

One million more people are cycling in Britain now than in 2009 and studies show that in countries where cycling rates are higher, safety rates also improve. This is one of our key motivators for wanting to see more people riding bikes more often.

Statistically, you have the same chance of getting injured walking to the shops as you do riding your bike there. The perception of cycling as dangerous is simply inaccurate.

The vast majority of cyclists also drive, so I like to see mutual respect on the road. It may sound daft, but one of the best ways to ensure another driver has seen you is to look and smile. It can make a big difference!

Cycling is, and always has been, a social activity and is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Combining rides with cafe stops is a great way to prolong the ride.

It may sound like common sense, but getting young people riding their bikes regularly is the best way to ensure the good habits of safe cycling are embedded at an early age.

Programmes such as Bikeability are still invaluable for teachers looking to incorporate cycling into the daily school routine and can be just as valuable for adults new to cycling.

Across the country, cities are competing to get people cycling; London, Manchester and Bristol have all launched ambitious plans to improve cycling infrastructure. The future is bright.

(The Guardian, William Fotheringham, 22/06/2013)