This hobby is certainly not for the faint of heart. One person throws the javelin down a field and another brave soul tries to catch it. In some cases this works out fine and the catcheris treated like a hero. In other cases like the one pictured it doesn't and your off to the emergency roon to get a javelin removed from your foot!

Sericulture or silk worm farming is the practice of raising silk works to create raw silk. Bombyx Mori is the primary species used for making the silk. Silk farming can be very rewarding is certainly worth taking up as a hobby or even career.

It is the act of slowly making trees take a specific shape over time and become objects like a chair or other elaborate patterns. This type of hobby can sometimes take years to perform as it is done as the tree grows but once completed it can be something spectacular. Some of these trees have been shaped for decades and have become main attractions of certain areas. I've included a couple photos to give you an idea of what is possible but the sky is the limit on this one.

For most people the closest they will get to this art form is painting egg shells around easter, however there are groups of people who carve these shells into incredibly intricate patterns. These works of art are very difficult to make and not something the average person can do but if you have the time and the patience to do one give it a try. Many amazing artists have taken up this craft with great results.

I think a lot of people remember the story of the young bride who gave a lock of hair to her husband before he went off to war. It gave him something to remind him of her but there are a group of hobbyists who collect different peoples hair. In some cases it is from family members throughout time to make a sort of family tree or timeline of hair.

Some may find this silly but there are a small portion of the population who enjoy doing this and maybe you will too. Although in some cases it may send people in your neighborhood into a panic to see a dog dyed to resemble a tiger or another creature. 

(Hyb Pages, 07/02/2012)