Sally Jones is fifteen years old and she has never been in love. She likes boys. She goes out with them and sometimes she even kisses them. There are several boys she is fond of, and there are several boys who care about her. But she has never felt true love for anyone. And, oh, how she wants to adore someone and be adored, the way it is in the movies. She is very worried. Maybe, she thinks, there is something wrong with her. Maybe she will never fall in love. Maybe, and this is the worst possibility of all, there is no such thing as true love.

Her friend, Darcy, is very different. She is always falling in and out of love and goes out with a different boy each week. Last week she was madly, passionately in love with Micky. This week she has decided to stop seeing Micky and is dating Jim, who she is crazy about.

Next week she probably won't be interested in Jim any more, but will be going out with Dave. She fancies Dave and is attracted by him very much.