Regardless of age or coolness factor, the enjoyment of watching Disney movies is undeniable. I’m talking about the classics—the movies with the Disney princesses whose hair never seems to get tangled or messy. The movies from your childhood that still have you belting out every line of the songs, even if you’re way off pitch.

As a recent public relations graduate, I was not fully aware of what public relations entailed. After learning about the industry and figuring out what PR professionals actually do (and don’t do), I realized that I’ve been learning about PR my entire life. Turns out, Walt Disney and Disney Corporation have produced movies for decades to help educate children and adults on how to be effective public relations professionals. Don’t believe me? To drive the point home, I’ve broken down some examples of PR lessons derived from several Disney favorites:

“Aladdin” – a new look can make all the difference
When promoting a company or organization, an updated look can make all the difference. Companies don’t always need a complete rebranding, but sometimes getting your company noticed by the public takes an innovative approach.

Aladdin, with the help of his Genie, created a new image for himself. He didn’t get an entirely new face (a rebrand), he just changed his appearance and motives to appeal to his target audience (Princess Jasmine in particular). He went from shirtless, street rat to well-dressed “prince” seeking the princess’ hand. His natural character is what won people over, but he was given a second chance with his new and improved brand.

“Emperor’s New Groove” – Your attitude can affect your work
Power can go to people’s heads, and can lead to superiority complexes. Belittling and big-headedness don’t work well in life, with co-workers, and certainly not with clients. Even if you’re great at your job, if you are difficult to work with people tend to resist. No one wants to work with an Emperor Kuzco — the young leader who thought he knew it all.

Upon his change into a llama he learned some life lessons, and the audience learned some PR lessons: Attitude can lose you clients and friends and even change you into a llama.

“Pocahontas” – Passion drives results
Most professionals do the best work when they are passionate about their subject. If you have a real passion for non-for-profit PR, media relations, or a particular brand, you probably devote the most time to it, and put in 100 percent.

Pocahontas, a passionate young girl, prevented a war between her people and the Englishmen. Because of her passion she was able to communicate her beliefs and get the result she wanted, no matter what it took.
Getting involved in a project or a client that you are enthusiastic about can give you the fire to do your best work possible.

“Tarzan” – Be adaptable
As a public relations professional, you’re going to be put in situations that can be uncomfortable. Being able to adapt to an environmental change, as Tarzan did, can make you a valuable asset to any organization.
Tarzan was a human who adapted to living in the jungle with apes. He used his head and taught himself things to make his life easier, such as tree surfing and spear making). Whether it’s adapting to a client’s needs, a situation, or a new job, public relations professionals need to find their inner ape.

(PR Daily, Matthew Dougherty, 18/09/2012)