Informal Letter (example)

1. Informal Letter (example)


Dear Claire,

Thank you a lot for your last letter. It was a nice surprise to hear from you. I'm sorry I haven't written to you earlier but I had to organise some things concerning my trip.

As you probably remember I've always wanted to visit some unusual places. And now, at last, off I went! But you'd never guess where I've chosen to spend my holiday. It's Antarctica! You would never think of it, would you? I'm so excited about the whole event!

The people I travel with are incredible. It's their fourteenth expedition there. They know every path in the snow by heart and they are very helpful. They share their knowledge and experience with me. Would you believe that here everything is different? You even need to set your tent in a special way. It's all very challenging. Tomorrow we plan to move further North so I may not be able to stay in touch for a while.

Anyway, I'd like to meet you when I get back. Hope you are enjoying your holiday. Do write back soon.


Dear Cecilia,

I thought you'd never reply to my last letter! Anyway, back to your question. Well, if I were you, I'd choose the museum job.

Working in a restaurant would be very tiring. Trust me I've done such a job, and I quit within a month! However you talk to lots of people, listen to their discussions which can sometimes be very interesting but still you get really tired.

Working in a museum though can be really interesting. You just have to explain to the visitors what is what. You may think that you will have to talk all day, but that's not true. You see many people just like to browse through the museum. You also have to remind the rules of the museum to some that disobey them, but these people are usually very few; not something you should worry about.

I heavily suggest you take the museum job. It's easier and less tiring. I'm looking forward to get your reply.

Lots of love,